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Yung Bae (Dallas) is a talented rising artist who is making waves with his unique sound and style. With a fresh and innovative approach to music, Yung Bae has earned millions of streams on Spotify and has quickly grown a loyal fan community. He has also collaborated with other prominent artists such as Brasstracks, Method Man, Mike Posner, Marc E. Bassy, Awolnation, Pink Sweats, and many more.

As a multi-talented musician with skills in production, songwriting, and live performance, Yung Bae continues to captivate and interact with his fans. Get ready for an exciting year of new music from Yung Bae, with several pieces set to release in the near future, giving We Are Giant a chance to join forces and support his rollout campaigns. And, as a self-proclaimed cat lover, Yung Bae adds an extra element of personality to his artistry!

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