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Kaien Cruz

Kai (Kaien Cruz) is a developing South African artist who has had a tremendous amount of success early in their career. Kai recently released two hit songs (one of which hit 1 million streams), made it to the radio, and opened for Justin Bieber for 2 shows on his South African tour.

This inspired Kai to make the move to LA to continue to put out music and has build a solid fanbase organically. They have focused on building a community through web3 and NFT ventures that keep the community looking for what is next from this young, exciting, artist.
Kai is a South African superstar who once had dreams of being a professional soccer player until they realized just how gifted they were vocally.
"I don't want to limit myself on where I pull inspiration from because I feel like in that way it always keeps things interesting and fresh and I get to also not live in a box, which feels great creatively" -Kaien Cruz

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